Curriculum Overview


Our curriculum has a very clear rationale aligned to the school, and national visions. It is relevant, comprehensive, and promotes innovation and challenge. It is highly effective in developing a balance of knowledge, skills and understanding while fulfilling all the requirements of the school’s authorised / licensed curriculum and the national statutory requirements.

We aim to provide a broad, general, relevant and experiential curriculum that meets the needs of all of our pupils and which develops skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work. In doing so, we will prepare our pupils to take their place in a modern society.

In keeping with our mission statement, our curriculum is designed to provide each student the opportunity to develop his/her maximum potential and equip them to become responsible, socially well-adjusted, future citizens who are capable of making balanced informed decisions.

The curriculum is inclusive and planned to meets students’ diverse needs and to make learning enjoyable and relevant not only for their life now but to equip them with the skills needed to contribute to life after school. Being inclusive, it will take account of each student’s personal, social and cognitive development in helping them achieve their potential.

The importance of developing ICT, literacy and numeracy is recognised by the allocation of definite lesson time at all levels and a continuing emphasis on the further development of these skills across the whole curriculum.

  • At Foundation Stage, we will follow the statutory revised Early Years Foundation Stage framework which has provided the needs of the younger learners to build their personal, social and emotional skills alongside their skills of playing and exploring, active learning and critical thinking. The school will foster all-round development of the individual child through an integrated, holistic approach to learning.
  • At Years 1 to 6, we will follow the Cambridge Primary curriculum with guidance from Key Stages 1 and 2 of the British /Cambridge Curriculum.
  • At Years 7 to 9, we will follow Cambridge Secondary with guidance from Key Stage 3 of British National Curriculum.
  • Across the school, we have a comprising of timetabled lessons in Arabic, Islamic education /Value Education, Moral education, English, Maths, Science, Modern Foreign Language (MFL), humanities , ICT, Social Studies, life skills, Art and PE.